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The article is provided only to inform readers of some of the possible causes of a rear-wheel lockup and in no way represents an expert opinion on the subject nor details every possible scenario that might lead to a rear-wheel lockup condition. This article is simply the author's interpretation and summation of the many e-mails that transpired between the 1200+ members of the Cavalcade e-mail group on the subject of rear-wheel lockup and his personal experience. This article is presented "as-is" and is for informational purposes only.

Since any action, or lack thereof, taken by readers of this article is completely out of the direct control of the author, the author assumes no liability whatsoever. The author cautions readers to make their own determination as to the suitability of the information. And, while the author believes that the information within the article are accurate and offer sound advice, he makes no claims to the completeness or absoluteness of any of the information.

The author trusts that readers will understand that this article is made available to bring attention to this issue for all Cavalcade owners, specifically those outside of the Cavalcade e-mail group. By bringing this issue to the forefront, it is the author's hope that informed Cavalcade owners will help to limit to the greatest extent possible, or even eliminate the occurrence of a rear-wheel lockup.

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