Installation Instructions for the Trailer Hitch

Remove one or both saddlebags. You can do it one off, but taking both off makes it a little easier.

The hitch will mount where the rear support hoop bolts to the saddlebag frame take all 4 of the bolts that hold it on. The hoop will be bolted back on with the hitch using the supplied longer bolts.

Holding the hoop and the hitch together, thread the 4 included 8x30mm bolts into the bag frame with a lockwasher and washer on each bolt (lockwasher goes under head of bolt). Don't tighten these bolts yet.
Remove the rear muffler bolts on both sides and install a tie arm under the head of each bolt and reinstall. Note that the tie arms have a different bend on each end. The more open bend (>90°) goes to the front. Also note that there may be a washer or spacer under the bolt head. This should be removed when installing the hitch to insure adequate thread length. Don't tighten these yet.
Attach the rear of both tie arms to the hitch frame with the included 8mm bolts and nuts. Use a flat washer on each side with the lockwasher under the nut. There is a little slop in the hitch mounting so holding the receiver tube about 1/4-3/8" below the rear fender and tighten these bolts to hold it there. Finish tightening all of the bolts. Please double check to insure that all bolts are tight.
After all bolts are tight, reinstall the bags and insert any standard 1 1/4" ball mount into the hitch and secure it with a hitch pin and keeper. Check the tightness of all bolts regularly.