Installation Information for the Cade Cork

Important Please Read Completely

These instructions are for the enclosed replacement Plug for the secondary gearbox installed on 1985 through 1988 Suzuki GV1400 Cavalcade motorcycles. It replaces Suzuki part #09241-25004 and fits into the case-end of the driven gear inside the secondary gearbox.

It is known that the stock plug is prone to dislodgment from the driven gear and with that, the stock plug will fall into the gearbox thus allowing the lubricating gear-oil to leak out of the gearbox through the open hole in the driven gear. With the loss of enough gear-oil through the driven gear, the gearbox may lockup due to the bearings and/or gears overheating. This in turn will cause the rear wheel to lockup.

This replacement Plug is designed so that when installed in accordance with these instructions it cannot fall out of the driven gear under normal operating conditions. However, it must be noted that this plug will NOT prevent a rear-wheel lockup condition. It is designed only to limit the loss of gear-oil through the center of the driven gear in the secondary gearbox. There are many other conditions that can lead to a rear wheel lockup that this replacement Plug does not address.

It is the responsibility of the user of this Plug to verify that all of the components in the drivetrain of the motorcycle are in serviceable condition and within factory specifications. This Plug will not correct any preexisting condition. There may already be damage to the bearings and/or gears due to a prior loss of lubricant in the secondary gearbox. The user must determine that the bearings and gears in the secondary gearbox as well as the driveshaft u-joint and the gears and bearings in the final drive assembly and rear wheel are within factory specifications and are lubricated as recommended by the manufacturer. The user must insure that all seals are in good working order and replace them if necessary.

It is the user’s responsibility to install this Plug correctly in accordance with these instructions. This Plug is offered without warranty and is provided as-is. The user must determine that it will serve the intended purpose of limiting the loss of lubricating gear-oil from the center hole in the driven gear of the secondary gearbox.

While the maker of this Plug has exercised sound practice in its development and manufacture, it would be impossible to envision every possible scenario that would lead to a loss of lubricant through the center of the driven gear. The gear-oil level in the secondary gearbox must be checked on a regular basis and maintained at the proper level in accordance with the motorcycle manufacturer’s recommendations. The gear-oil must also be drained and replaced at the intervals and with the type and grade of lubricant as recommended by the motorcycle’s manufacturer.

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