Checking/Greasing the Rear Wheel Bearings on the Cavalcade

This is the rear wheel of the Cavalcade. The red arrow is pointing to the spacer that is known to wear out. This is primarily for early models but we don't know when Suzuki changed over to a harder spacer so every Cade should be checked.

Also, the needle bearing that rides on this spacer should be repacked with grease every tire change.

The spacer is easily removed by sticking your finger into it and pulling it out.

Once the spacer is out, you can inspect it. This one had a severe wear scar where the needle bearing rides. It also has the heat line so we know this is an early spacer that is not through hardened nor is it hard-chrome plated like the later version.

This one must be replaced. The spacer is not available from Suzuki but in very limited quantity. However, I have bought a 50 of these and you can order one by clicking here.

Since the spacer needs to be replaced, we also have to replace the needle bearing. My method of removing the needle bearing requires that the ball bearing on the other side be removed first.

This shows a long drift (1" dia. rod) being used to knock the other bearing out.

Pop the seal out.
Flip the wheel over and support it on a couple of pieces of wood. I use a couple bars of aluminum.
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