Checking/Greasing the Rear Wheel Bearings on the Cavalcade - Page 2

This is the tool I made to remove the needle bearing. Since there is only a small lip of the bearing showing, the tool has to fit inside the wheel fairly well. This tool has 1.17" diameter turned to fit inside the bearing and a 1.305" diameter to catch the edge of the needle bearing to knock it out.

Working from the brake rotor side, knock the needle bearing out with the tool.

This is a view of the other side (final drive side) after the needle bearing is out.

Clean the wheel up well with brake cleaner. Also clean out the old grease from the drive splines.

The new needle bearing is installed with the numbers on the outside (facing up in this picture). Using the same tool as was used for removal, drive the bearing into the wheel.
This shows the new needle bearing installed and ready for grease.

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