Greasing the Front Wheel Bearings on the Cavalcade

This is a front wheel bearing for the Cavalcade. And, even though it is sealed on the outside, it can be repacked with grease.

I'm using a straight o-ring pick but a small screwdriver (like a jewelers) that's been ground to a fairly sharp chisel point might also work.

The project is to carefully catch the outer edge of the seal where it snaps into the outer race and pry it out.

This shows that I have caught the outer edge of the seal with the end of the pick and can now start to pry it out.

Very carefully pry the seal out of the groove. Work the pick around the outside to prevent bending the seal. You can straighten them back out but it's best not to bend it if you can help it.

Spray the bearing out with brake cleaner to get rid of all the existing grease. Spin the bearing with your finger to make sure it is still smooth and check for any play. The slightest amount of play is okay but anything more and the bearing should be replaced.

NOTE! Because of the spacer between the bearings, when you turn one bearing it may feel like it locks up. That is the spacer doing that usually.

Pack the bearing full of wheel bearing grease. Don't be afraid to force it there with your finger.
Carefully place the seal back on the bearing and working around the outside edge, pop it back into it's groove.

Wipe off the excess grease. Do the bearing on the other side and you're done.

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