3R Odor-Con®

"Your Nose Will Know"

3R Odor-Con is used to control odors in the back and grey water holding tanks. Using the oxidizing power of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), Odor-Con eliminates odors. Odor-Con contains no perfumes that attempt to cover up odors. It attacks the odor molecules and through ion transfer, oxidizes them which neutralizes the odors and eliminates their smell. Added to the tanks when empty, it provides continuous odor control until the tanks are dumped.

How Does It Work?

Odor-Con contains 2% Chlorine Dioxide in a stabilized form. Because it's stabilized, it only reacts as needed to control odors which provides longer term odor control. Odor-Con releases it's chlorine dioxide when it comes in contact with an acid. Since odor molecules are acidic, when they come into contact with Odor-Con they cause the release of chlorine dioxide to oxidize and neutralize the odor molecule. Since Odor-Con has virtually no smell of it's own, it doesn't attempt to cover up or mask odors.

Users of Odor-Con rave about it's effectiveness as compared to other products. Many of them have tried other products but use Odor-Con because it's what works. No perfumes that can smell up your RV or boat. Just 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of Odor-Con per 60 gallons of tank capacity eliminates the odors at the source.

Odor-Con - From Fill to Fill

With Odor-Con, there are no additional additives or additional doses of Odor-Con needed. Put into the tanks at a rate of 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of Odor-Con per 60 gallons of tank capacity, Odor-Con controls the odors until the tanks are dumped.

Odor-Con Cleans Up Dirty Tanks

Using Odor-Con can clean up tanks left smelly by other products. By increasing the concentration of Odor-Con and activating it with Citrus Acid Crystals or lemon juice, Odor-Con can neutralize the odor molecules that have adhered to the interior surfaces of the tanks.

Continued use of Odor-Con at the normal concentration level after the tanks have been cleaned up prevents odor molecules from adhering to the interior tank surfaces.

Additional Features of Odor-Con

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Odor molecules at the waterline are what produce smells in the holding tanks

Odor-Con invades the odor molecules and oxidizes them eliminating their smell
Since Odor-Con reacts only as needed to control odors, the unreacted Odor-Con remains in solution to provide continuous long-term odor control

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