3R Odor-Con Gray and Black-Water Holding Tank Treatment

3R Purogene Fresh-Water Tank Treatment

3R Odorid Deodorizing Spray

In the holding tanks, odors lying above the water are acidic. The Odor-Con reacts with the acid and neutralizes it eliminating the odors. It takes just 1 ounce of Odor-Con for holding tanks up to 60 gallons and it need only be added once ntil the tanks are dumped, not every few days like some treatments. Think of Odor-Con as "time release". It only reacts as needed when acid is present.

Odor-Con is the only product you need for gray and black-water tank maintainence. It does not require the use of additional products for lubrication and NO special toilet paper is required. Not only is Odor-Con the most effective product available, it may also be the most affordable at only $.73 per 60 gallon treatment (based on Quart pricing).

Odor-Con is already used by thousands of RVers and boaters. Users rave at its effectiveness in eliminating odors and keeping holding tanks odor-free and level sensors clean and working.

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1 ounce of Purogene treats up to 30 gallons of drinking water. It works in both cold and hot water systems and can be used in plastic, fiberglass and metal tanks. Purogene, added at a higher concentration and activated with Citric Acid Crystals, is also effective in "cleaning up" systems.

Purogene is already used by thousands of RVers and boaters and is the disinfectant of choice in water supply systems all across the country.

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Gray and Black-Water Holding Tank Treatment

Odor-Con holding-tank treatment is simply the best product available for eliminating all holding-tank odors. It does not mask odors like some treatments, it contains no perfumes or formaldehyde. Odor-Con eliminates odors by oxidation.

The active ingredient in Odor-Con is stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). Not to be confused with chlorine (sodium hypochlorite, hypocloris acid), Chlorine Dioxide has two additional oxygen atoms making the reaction products of the two compounds strikingly different. Chlorine Dioxide does NOT produce trichloromethanes and dioxins (both considered powerful carcinogens) like chlorine. The byproduct of reacted Chlorine Dioxide is, essentially, salt.

Freshwater Tank Treatment

Purogene water treatment eliminates bad odors and bad taste in fresh-water systems. Period. Using the oxidizing power of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), Purogene destroys existing bacterial colonies and prevents the growth of new ones. It leaves no aftertaste, it works fast (in seconds to minutes versus hours for some products), is nontoxic and biodegradable and presents no harm to the user or the environment.

Purogene is virtually odor-free and does not impart a taste to the water and will eliminate many off-tastes that may be present.

Purogene is EPA registered for use in drinking water.

Odor-Con is available in 4 oz, pint, quart and gallon sizes.
Purogene is available in 4 oz, pint, quart and gallon sizes.

24 ounce trigger spray

Spray Odor Destroyer

Odorid is a new a unique deodorizing product. Using the same active chemical ingredient as the other 3R products except in a lower concentration, Odorid destroys odors on contact, regardless of their source.

Odorid is colorless and completely harmless to people and pets. It can be used as a spray or wiped on as a liquid. Odorid does not cover up odors with perfumes nor does it have a smell of its own. It leaves your RV, boat, car, truck or home spring fresh.

Since Odorid is not an aerosol, it has no harmful propellants or flammable ingredients.

Odorid spray deodorizer is an amazing product with literally thousands of uses around your vehicle and home. Besides its use as an air freshener, it can be used in refrigerators, shoes, kitty litter, bird cages, sick rooms, showers, garbage cans, diaper pails, air conditioner ducts, etc. And, since Odorid is a highly effective antifungal, it also treats athletes foot, sore throat, nail fungus, minor burns and rashes, bug bites and removes offensive food odors such as onion and fish from hands.

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